Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Letʻs Talk...New Year

Happy Wednesday, beautiful blog people of the world! In lieu of the typical Wednesday ʻCurrentlyʻ post, I thought it would be fun to link up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Andrea over at A Little Bit of Everything for a bit of chit-chat session.

This monthʻs topic is New Year...what weʻve got planned, what weʻre excited about, and our goals. So hereʻs whatʻs going on around here in 2016.


At the beginning of the year, I shared my new yearʻs resolutions.

My personal resolution was to CREATE something every day. The goal is to be more creative and cultivate creativity by doing one thing every day to foster those skills. Whether it be coloring, reading, writing, crafting, or even singing. Iʻm glad to say that everything is so far, so good on that front!

I had many mommy resolutions but my main one is to be the best mommy for my daughter. I promised that I would be more ʻpresentʻ by spending more time face-to-face with her instead of on Facebook. I promised that I wouldnʻt compare myself to other mommies because they arenʻt Honeyʻs mommy...I am and I know what is best for her...I know what kind of mommy she needs. And as my little bug held my hand today while she played with her toys, I realized just how important this resolution is. She wonʻt be a baby forever...there will come a time when she would rather play with her friends then me. So I am cherishing the moments and I am trying to be the best mommy for her.

I also had a lot of bookish resolutions, like..seriously too many to list here. But I am doing a pretty good job with ʻem, if I do say so myself!

What Weʻre Planning

This year, Josh is planning on joining the National Guard! I am a little nervous about this because it means that heʻll be gone for a little while, but I also know that itʻll mean great things for our family.

Although itʻs not in the serious planning stages right now, we are also planning on making a big move this year. Right now, weʻre still in the beginning stages...meaning getting rid of our junk and tying up loose ends here.

But the biggest thing weʻre planning this year is a family vacation in September! First, weʻll be heading off to the East Coast for my best friendʻs wedding. Then weʻll be stopping in Portland to visit my parents and other family members there. Weʻre also trying to figure out if we can fit a stop over at Disneyland, too! Iʻm excited but nervous about flying with a 1-year-old, but Iʻll worry more about it when the time comes.

What Weʻre Excited About

Honey turning ONE in July! We arenʻt planning a party or anything big since weʻre going on our trip in September, but weʻll probably celebrate by visiting Mickey and Minnie at Aulani for a Disney character breakfast!

Weʻre also so excited about Meagan (my best friend) getting married! I wish that I had a picture of the two of us to share, but this is a new computer and Iʻm still off of facebook, so no picture...sorry! Not only will we be travelling to a brand new state for all of us, but Iʻll get to see my bestie whom I havenʻt seen in person for far too long!

What are your goals for this year? Anything exciting in the works? I would love to hear more!


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