Monday, January 4, 2016

Mommy Resolutions for 2016

This post is going up a little late...whoops! We are beginning to sleep train the baby which is super difficult as she is also in her 5th developmental leap and basically wants to be held/cuddled all the time. Needless to say, we are exhausted. And I forgot to write/schedule this post yesterday. But ah it is now.

I still consider myself a new mommy...and I probably will until the next kid (which wonʻt be happening for a few years). I still get nervous about decisions I need to make for my kid. I get anxious leaving her alone for long periods of time. I love doting on her and being around her. I know that Iʻm a good mom. Being a mom is what I was meant to do. I also know that I can be a better mom, so here are my mommy resolutions for 2016.

I resolve to be the best mommy that I can be,
and especially the best mommy for Honey.

I resolve to listen politely to the people who have advice for me,
but to take their advice with a grain of salt
because no one knows my kid better than me.

I resolve to provide Honey with a world that is open and free,
so that she can explore everything around her,
and she will know of the beauty that is life.

I resolve to allow my daughter to be creative, explore, think, and grow.
I know that I will love watching as she gains knowledge.
I know that she is so smart.
I canʻt wait to see what she does.

I resolve to love her dad more and harder.
Relationships can be tough, a kid does not do much to relieve the pressure,
but I know that she will learn about love and relationships from us
and I want her to have a healthy view of them.

I resolve to say "yes" and be more present.
I will not let social media or other tasks get in the way of watching my daughter grow.
I donʻt want to live behind a phone camera or miss something that she does
all because of a social media post.
My kid comes first, always.

I resolve to love my daughter.
All of her.
What are your mommy resolutions for 2016?


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