Monday, January 25, 2016

26 Things You Should Probably Know About Me

Happy Birth-week to me! Like I said in my post yesterday, this is a bit of a birthday tradition and Iʻve loved being able to look back at my life every year to see how much the ʻthings you should know about meʻ have changed. So hereʻs this yearʻs version!

1. After spending way too much money flip-flopping on majors, I officially decided that I want to be a pre-school teacher in case this whole stay-at-home mom business doesnʻt work out. That was what I wanted to be in the first probably if I had stuck with my original plan, I wouldnʻve spent less money, haha.

2. When it comes to arts and crafts stuff, Iʻm pretty much self-taught. I taught myself how to sew after getting a sewing machine in 2010. I taught myself how to knit in 2011. I taught myself how to paint in 2014. And I am currently teaching myself how to do hand lettering and watercolors. Thanks Pinterest and YouTube videos.

3. I definitely prefer baths over showers.

4. The best gift that any one can give me ever is a book. Itʻs all I ever want (probably all I ever wanted) because I donʻt wear a lot of jewelry and I donʻt really need a lot of clothes or shoes or anything else...but I love a good book.

5. I got my first American Girl doll at the ripe old age of 24 because there was a temporary American Girl pop-up shop in the mall down here. It is a Samantha doll, one that Iʻve wanted since I was a tiny girl (I was obsessed with Samantha--I had all her books and any Samantha thing that I could get from Borders).

6. Speaking of Borders, I seriously cried when they shut down all their stores. I practically grew up in Borders. grandparents left me in Borders while they went shopping (when I was at an appropriate age). I went to all of the Harry Potter midnight releases at Borders.

7. Harry Potter is probably the book series that really propelled my love for reading to where it is now. I mean, I loved to read before I picked up the first Harry Potter book but it kept my love of reading going. Harry Potter is LIFE.

8. I want to dye my hair crazy colors but I also donʻt want to bleach it to achieve those crazy colors so no craziness for me. Bleh.

9. My favorite food of all time is probably noodles prepared in any way--chow mein, ramen, spaghetti, etc. My second favorite food is fish/sea food of any kind...I LOVE raw fish and sushi and shrimp and salmon. I also love Chinese food and Hawaiian food.

10. I currently prefer cake over pie but I donʻt like too much frosting on cake and I definitely prefer light frosting to that thick stuff.

11. Iʻve kept a written journal since I was in the fourth or fifth grade. Itʻs pretty hilarious to look back on those ʻformativeʻ years of my life and to see how dramatic and TEENAGER-Y I was.

12. In Fall 2013, I did the Disney College Program at Disney World in Orlando. I was a PAC Cast Member (aka one of those people who basically direct traffic and make sure people donʻt get run over by floats during the parade). It was probably one of the best times of my life, as hard as it was sometimes, and I met some of the best people ever.

13. I have a 22 year old sister, a 21 year old brother, and an 11 year old brother. I also have two nieces, one is 3 and the other is 5.5 months...she was born 2 weeks after my baby.

14. I gave birth to my daughter at 40 weeks and 1 day after being induced because I was showing signs of pre-eclampsia.

15. I love fact, I kept a quote book from 8th grade throughout high school. I actually finally got rid of it. Thank God for Pinterest for storing quotes.

16. Iʻve been working with kids and in pre-school since I was in high school. My mom is a pre-school teacher and I volunteered  a lot in her classroom while I was in high school. Then I got a job as a TA in pre-school while I was in college. And I just finished working as pre-school teacher to stay home with the kid.

17. I knew that I was pregnant before I even did a pregnancy test. I wonʻt go into all the crazy details but I just had a feeling and was glad to know that the feeling was right!

18. My favorite game is The Sims! Like...Iʻve been playing that game literally since I was 12 years old. I played through The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and now The Sims 4.

19. My hair is so long that I literally sit on it when itʻs down. And it hangs to my knees when itʻs wet. I am definitely ready for a hair cut!

20. When I was younger, I use to do a lot of forum role plays. I donʻt have the time to really commit to that anymore, but some of my coolest friends are friends that I made on a Percy Jackson role play forum.

21. Leggings = LIFE. I basically only wear leggings whenever I go anywhere. 

22. My blog is named after my dog  (LAdy) and my kid (sheʻs the LI part). LALIpop Blog!

23. My favorite Disney charcter is Tinker Bell. My favorite classic Disney character is Minnie Mouse. My favorite Disney princesses are Rapunzel and Belle. My favorite Disney prince is Flynn Rider. 

24. I would rather be cold then hot. In my mind, itʻs always easier to get warm when itʻs cold then it is to get cold when itʻs hot. It may also have to do with the fact that I was very, very pregnant in the middle of the summer. Not fun. Trying not to ever do that again.

25. I donʻt drink alcohol at all, but I do love a good virgin lava flow.

26. I am seriously running out of ʻfactsʻ about me...sooo...I have 8 pairs of Godparents.


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