Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Yearʻs Resolutions

Happy 2016, yʻall! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating and ringing in the New Year.

We had a pretty low-key New Yearʻs Eve...we stayed in, ate some finger foods, watched Young and Hungry, and went to bed early. Such is life with an infant, I suppose. Haha...Iʻm not complaining--I prefer quiet New Yearʻs Eves to big, party filled ones. Whatʻs even better is that Little Miss slept through all of the big fireworks!

New Yearʻs day was spent moving the babyʻs crib into our bedroom and cleaning up a bit to welcome the new year on a brand new foot. I love reorganizing for the New Year.

Today, though, I want to talk about my New Yearʻs Resolutions. Honestly, I havenʻt really done New Yearʻs Resolutions that past few years because of the idea that New Yearʻs Resolutions never actually get completed. But this year, I decided to push all those negative thoughts out the window. Ainʻt no one is going to get anywhere with negative thoughts like that!

Instead of going with a list of resolutions and what not, though, I decided to go with a word and resolutions to go with it.

My word of the year is Creative.

I am resolving to be more creative this year in everything I do. I want to live a creative life. I want to think creatively.

I am going to do at least one creative thing a day--from writing (in the blog or in my journal), coloring, making art with Honey, or practicing my hand lettering.

I am so excited to  explore all kinds of creative avenues this year!

What are your resolutions this year? Do you have a focus word for 2016? Letʻs talk resolutions!


  1. Happy New Year, Tasia ! I loved the idea of deciding to be more creative. Just the thought makes me want to do something more. Hope you get to realise a lot of your dreams this year :)