Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Whatʻs up, blogosphere? Happy Thursday! As usual, Iʻll be linking up with Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous and sharing some of my own bookish & not-so-bookish thoughts.

1. I made a banner-thing! Itʻs not fancy at all because, as of right now, Iʻve only got Paint on my computer...but I am also downloading GIMP so maybe Iʻll make fancier creations in the future. But who needs fancy anyway?

2. What are your favorite places to get free fonts? I am kinda obsessed with fonts and Iʻm on the lookout for some cute ones! Let me know if you have any go-to places for fonts or what your favorite type of fonts are. Iʻm partial to handwritten ones!

3. I hate, hate, hate gassy tummies...both in the kid and in myself. Thatʻs probably an overshare, haha, but it is pure TRUTH. Lots and lots of water usually helps calm an irritated tummy for me. What remedies do you use to take care of tummy troubles?

4. So, the kid has been sleeping exclusively with us for almost two months now. I do love bed sharing, but I am so ready to get her to sleep back in her crib! Do you know how much space a 15 lb baby actually takes up?! Hint: itʻs a lot.

5. Iʻm #currentlyreading (why did I just hashtag that? I donʻt know..) Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. Itʻs been years since Iʻve read a Sarah Dessen book. Like...I want to say at least 7 years. I loved Sarah Dessen books in High School but eased off on them as I got older because they really do appeal mostly to high schoolers. But Iʻve heard great things about this book and I am enjoying it so far.

6. I just finished reading Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. If you havenʻt picked it up yet, I strongly encourage you to! I just tried to explain what the book is about in one sentence but I erased it because I did not do it just check it out on Goodreads.

7. I need to do my first reading challenges update post soon...but Iʻm soooo lazy. Meh. Iʻll get around to it...eventually. Mwahahaha...

8. For my birthday, I asked Josh for books, but I told him that I wanted him to choose the books and not to just give me money to pick out the books myself. He picked Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and An Ember In the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. He did goooood.

9. We started KonMari-ing our crap stuff last weekend. I ended up getting rid of 4 bags and 1 box full of clothes, accessories, shoes, and books. I feel pretty damn good about it, but we still have such a long way to go!

10. The kidʻs new favorite thing to do is play on the computer. And by ʻplay on the computerʻ I mean she likes to hit all the keys, the screen, basically anything she can touch while Iʻm trying to write blog that means Momma doesnʻt blog until after the kid is asleep!

11. We also just took her to her six month check up this week! First of all, I canʻt believe sheʻs been around for six months now!! I kinda wish that time would slow down just a little bit. Anyway, she weighs 15 pounds, is 25 inches long, and is developing very well! She currently likes to throw herself at me when she wants to be picked up and pulling herself up by hanging on to my shirt. This is such a fun age!

12. Iʻve been thinking about starting a series on my blog where I do crafts based on books that Iʻve read recently. For example, if I just finished reading Harry Potter, I would do a craft where I make DIY wands and share it here on the blog. I would call it Books and Crafts. This is a pretty common thing that we do in a book then do an art project based on the book...but I thought it would be fun to bring it to the ~adult world. What do you guys think? Is that something that you would be interested in seeing?

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. The craft idea is neat. I'd love to see what you come up with!!

  2. The only place I know of for free fonts is Font Squirrel. I love discovering new fonts. I like your graphic. Do you use Picmonkey at all? You can make some cool graphics there.

    Ooo... I want to read Passenger! I hope you enjoy your new books.

    I still need to read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - hoping to see if my local library has it later this month - but I did make a conscious effort to declutter last year when there was a lot of buzz about the books. I have three trouble areas that I would like to work on this year though - DVD's (we don't own a TV, and so we watch a lot of DVD's on a portable player), toys (nobody listens when you say don't get him a lot for occasions) and books (but I'm getting a lot better in this area and have been implementing a new mind set). Good luck with the rest of your downsizing.

    I'd love to see the craft idea. Toddler and I go to a story and crafts weekly session at the library, but I'd love an adult version - kids get all the fun :-P

    Reading With Jade

  3. I love Sarah Dessen, but I can totally see your point. I read her a lot when I was younger, but being 25 now, I still pick her up but not immediately like I used to. Also, love your current font! I wish I could change the WordPress fonts into what I wanted... Haha!

    ;-) Love the colors on your blog! It's so cool!
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