Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: My Life Mixtape

Hello! Itʻs Tuesday...usually Tuesdays around here mean Top 10 Tuesday, but I couldnʻt think of anything to go with the topic so Iʻm trying something new! Show and Tell Tuesdays are hosted by Andrea over at Momfessionals

Todayʻs Show & Tell topic is ʻMy Life Mixtapeʻ...I think thatʻs pretty self-explanatory so letʻs get this party started!

BEST. SONG. EVER (aka my favorite song)
Iʻve loved this song since before it was even officially released back in ʻ08. Taylor is my girl (please let me be part of your squad, T). And this song has always reminded me to be fearless.

Forever Kind of Love (aka a song that reminds me of Josh)

Aside from the fact that Megan Batoon and Ian Eastwood are two of my favorite professional dancers, Josh choreographed a dance to this song for me for Valentineʻs Day 2015.

Always My Baby (aka a song that reminds me of Honey)

No joke, this song ALWAYS makes me cry.

Good ʻol Days (a song that brings back good memories)

When I was younger, we would always have epic family parties where my grandpa and uncles would play Hawaiian music while my mom & aunties danced hula. Since then, Noho Paipai (Rocking Chair) has been one of my favorite Hawaiian songs!

I could think of more, but the kiddo is crying...Momma duty calls! If you could make a mixtape of your life, what songs would be on it?


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