Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I have been feeling so tired lately. The kiddo has not been sleeping well at night and sheʻs never been a good napper, so that leaves us with a very tired kid and very tired parents. Also, not enough brain power to think of something really good to post...whoops! I know, I know...I need to start planning this stuff. Trust me, itʻs a goal Iʻll be working on next month. As for today, enjoy some of our favorite pictures from this week.

I finally broke my self-imposed library ban and hereʻs my little book haul! I did limit myself to only 6 books...which was SUPER hard, haha. A lot of these were newer books that I was anticipating but didnʻt want to buy just yet, a few have been on my TBR forever. I canʻt wait to read ʻem.

The kiddo has been wanting to ʻreadʻ this book by herself lately. I think she likes all the colors and the board pages are easy for her to turn. I think itʻs so cute watching her read by herself...and I canʻt help but to be a little proud, too!

We went to a library book sale on Friday and got all of these (60 books + 1 video game) for $17. 

The kid also learned how to reach the books on the upper stacking other books on the floor and standing on them. Oh this child...

Iʻll be back tomorrow (hopefully in a better mood) with the normal bloggy things!


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