Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

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1. I donʻt know about yʻall, but new lipstick always make me feel about 100% better about life. I got some new Spring colored lipstick in the mail and I am on top of the world. Even though I hardly ever wear makeup/only my kid sees me in makeup haha.

2. Spring cleaning is upon us and I hate it already! I donʻt know how we accumulated so much stuff but I hate trying to figure out where to put it or what to do with it. Also, every time I try to throw something away, I am overruled so thatʻs annoying.

3. Also, the kid has soooo much stuff! How does one tiny person have SO much stuff?!?! Oh yeah...she has a mother who is addicted to Amazon. Oops.

4. We are finally taking the cloth diaper leap! We bought a bundle of 10 diapers from Amazon (oh look...thereʻs that place again) to get started and to see if itʻs something that we want to do full time. Iʻm kinda obsessed with how freaking CUTE the diapers are! Plus, they were such a good price on Amazon. I canʻt wait to try ʻem out!

5. I am currently reading The Martian by Andy Weir. Iʻm really enjoying it! Itʻs so funny and actually pretty intense, too. Iʻm only about halfway through, but I canʻt put it  down because I really, really want to know what happens in the end! Is the movie as good as the book? Josh and I are planning on watching the movie once Iʻm done with the book.

6. I just finished reading Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern and Iʻm surprised at how much I ended up liking it. Iʻve heard a lot of mixed reviews for it, so I wasnʻt sure if I would like it much at all. Iʻm glad I picked it up. Itʻs a really sweet story.

7. We have been adding to our Hawaiian Language book collection! Since this picture was taken, weʻve added about 8 books to our collection and Iʻm so happy about that! I speak Hawaiian and I really want Honey to speak the language as well, we practice every day using conversational Hawaiian and through reading our Hawaiian language books!

8. Honey has a pretty big collection of 5-Minute Stories books. I like the fact that there are lots of different stories in one book. Honey loves the pictures. We both love that theyʻre short enough for her to actually sit through one (or two). We read at least one story a night as a family. Our current favorite is Precious Moments 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury.

9. I took the kiddo to see the Easter Bunny this week. She was so good! She didnʻt cry and she was in a pretty good mood for the actual picture. Sheʻs been in a mood lately so I was afraid that she might not like the Easter Bunny at all but she did very well. Plus, how cute is she in her little Easter dress?

10. Since cutting my hair, I prefer using it makes me feel good. But I have a hard time straightening the hair in the back of my head because  itʻs so short. So I had Josh do it for me! It was so funny! It was his first time ever straightening hair (of course) and he was so worried that he was going to burn me. But he did a good job (and no one got burnt). I wish I had gotten a picture though!

11. The internet on my computer has been extremely buggy lately. Sometimes, the router just will not connect to my computer at all! Itʻs super annoying and delaying all of my blogging the post that I was supposed to on Wednesday. I think itʻs time for a good router...ours is so old! Suggestions?

12. How about a Throwback Thursday video? So...every year, my high school hosts a Song Contest which is exactly as it sounds. Each grade competes in a singing competition of Hawaiian music. Itʻs broadcast across the state of Hawaii (and now online) every year and itʻs a pretty big/well known tradition here. This yearʻs Song Contest is on Friday. Hereʻs a video of the class of 2008 Senior Women (my class) singing a song about Hawaiʻi during our last Song Contest.

What have you all been up to lately? Whatʻre you currently reading?


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