Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

1. Itʻs allergy season again. Yay?! Since Hawaii only has like 2 seasons I judge them by whether or not my allergies are going crazy. It is officially allergy season. BONUS: I think the kid has allergies, too. So itʻs fun times all around. I am allergic to grass, smoke, and vog. Lately, the vog has been so bad that weʻve had to keep all our windows and doors closed, otherwise my eyes swell up and I can barely see.

2. I have been seriously considering going back to school online to finish up my Early Childhood Education degree, but Iʻm worried about my grades from my previous school and how that might affect an admission decision. And actually paying for school. This is something that Iʻll definitely have to pray about.

3. Josh is super excited about Batman vs. Superman coming out this weekend....Iʻm kinda meh about it. Give me Civil War already!!!

4. Speaking of Josh, itʻs his birthday this weekend! On Sunday, actually! He has to work on Sunday, so Iʻm pretty bummed out...and we were supposed to do something on Wednesday (his normal day off) but he had to work then, too! Weʻll figure something out, Iʻm sure.

5. I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. :/ It hurts so bad! But I donʻt know how I did. Go figure, haha.

6. I am currently reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. It is seriously FUNNY and pretty inspiring as well. I own her first book as well, but have yet to read it. Iʻll probably read it as soon as Iʻm done with this one. If you havenʻt yet, go pick up one of her books or check out her blog.

7. Iʻve been seriously slacking on the reviews front. I just havenʻt been in the review writing mood...nor do I have a lot of time to actually write reviews. I have like 3 books waiting to be reviewed...maybe Iʻll do ʻem today (doubt it).

8. This ecard is 100% ME:
Particularly me this week when we went to Target to grocery shop and left with 0 groceries, but like $50 worth of toys for the kiddo and my cousins. Thank God for coupons! We actually only spent about $30.

9. Honeyʻs favorite read this week is Crankee Doodle by Tom Angleberger. We picked it up from the library earlier this week. It is so funny! Even Daddy and I are enjoying it.

10. Josh says that I need to take an actual break where I do nothing...I donʻt really know what thatʻs like, haha. But maybe he has a point, so Iʻm gonna go figure out what taking a break is like...See yʻall next week!

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