Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Songs That I Wish Were Books

Iʻm linking up with the Broke and the Bookish today for Top 10 Tuesday! This week is all about books and music. Head on over to check out more music themed posts today!

 Songs That I Wish Were Books

I donʻt listen to a lot of music...like at all. I donʻt listen to new music at least. I am the kind of girl who prefers to stick to my old favorites or Disney music. So I apologize in advance if all of my picks are Taylor Swift songs  or One Direction songs or Disney songs...hah!

1. Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift - Seriously, the music video itself is asking to be a book!

2. I See the Light by Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi - Tangled is my favorite Disney movie...if not my favorite movie in general...of all time, largely because the music is gorgeous and does not get enough recognition! I, personally, would love a book 

3. A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope - This song is just all kinds of gorgeous. If you havenʻt listened to it before, stop what youʻre doing a go listen NOW.  This would definitely be a romance book...maybe New Adult if not YA about long distance relationships. Yes. This Song. Book. Amazing.

4. The Man Who Canʻt Be Moved by The Script - THIS SONG. Ok...this song is probably my favorite song of all time, so obviously I would freaking love it if it was a book. This song is about a guy who is waiting for a girl at the place that they met and itʻs such a romantic song with deeper meanings of like betrayal and what not. I would love a contemporary YA novel about a boy and girl who wait for each other but can never quite connect...oh wait, that kinda sounds like November 9 by Colleen Hoover...but only kinda I still wouldnʻt mind a book written around this song!

5. She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 - Are ya seeing a pattern here? Must I explain myself?

6. Simple Love Song by Anuhea - OK...I tried to flip the switch a bit and put a happy song up in this thang, lol. Simple Love Song is simply a love song. I imagine this book would be just that, too...a love story. I would love a story where the characters are already in love and the whole point of the book is keeping them in love...no need for falling in love or crazy schemes...just a love story. That might be a little boring, but thatʻs what love is sometimes...itʻs just love, no gimmicks or tricks...it just IS.

7. Try by Colbie Caillat - This song actually reminds me of Dumplinʻ by Julie Murphy just because itʻs sucha a body positive song. Itʻs basically telling women that we donʻt have to change anything to be beautiful and I think thatʻs a message EVERYONE needs. More body positive books would be great!

8. Midnight Memories by One Direction - I just like the title.

Annnnd...I canʻt think of anymore. Sorry! But there ya have it, songs that I wish were books! See yʻall next week for another Top 10 Tuesday! Bye :D


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