Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bookish (And Not So Bookish Thoughts)

Happy Thursday! Iʻm linking up with Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous for todayʻs bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts.

1. After whatever was going on with my mood yesterday, I feel so much better. Hubbyʻs day off was today and he handled a lot of the baby duties today (minus the feedings, of course, haha) and he got a lot of stuff done around the house. And I was able to take a nice bath and shave my legs! It was nice. Thanks, bub!

2. I started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo today and it is freaking MAGICAL. I only started this afternoon and Iʻm already halfway done. And I want to get on the whole tidying up thing already. Iʻve only heard amazing things about this from the people whoʻve read and actually done this method of cleaning. I actually cannot wait to get started.

3. Right now, my kid is completely crashed out and she hasnʻt cried for me to cuddle with her! Sheʻs been going through a developmental leap and itʻs been crazy. Sheʻs been up late, crying all night, comfort nursing all night. It has been....not fun at all. I donʻt want to jump to conclusions, but I think weʻre finally at the end of the road with the craziness. Hopefully that means weʻll go back to peaceful nights of sleep soon...and hopefully sheʻll sleep in her own bed again soon.

4. I am currently in the process of DIY-ing my own planner. Itʻs a pretty tedious process but Iʻm so excited to see the end result. Itʻs a mix between a regular planner and a bullet journal. So excited to actually start using it.

5. Iʻm also reading The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. Iʻve only just started this one as well, but itʻs so good so far. Thereʻs a bit of mystery in it and I have NO IDEA what is going on yet. And that is amazing in my book.

6. Hubs also made me feel so much better by bringing home chocolate and chips. Such a good guy, right? Heʻs always been good about those time-of-the-month cravings. He drives me absolutely nuts but heʻs a good guy.

7. We went to a Discover Preschool event on Saturday and it was pretty awesome. As a preschool teacher myself, I know that itʻs never too soon to prepare the Honey for preschool. I think for now weʻre going to put her into some Parent Inclusive programs so that she and I can socialize with other babies and mommas!

8. LOL. Sorry about the language, but that ecard is #truth.

9. So Iʻve been marathoning Baby Daddy on Netflix. And some other things, too. Like Jane the Virgin. I canʻt wait til Jane is back on TV! Basically, my life has been one big Netflix marathon since Iʻve been off of facebook. Itʻs fun, haha.

10. Kid is STILL sleeping. WHAT?! I definitely think that weʻre coming into the clear now. But I also need to head off to bed before she wakes up.


  1. I'm about to read Kondo as well. Although I'm usually fairly ruthless when it comes to 'stuff', I've been feeling like there's too much in my house at the moment. I need a new level of ruthlessness and hoping Kondo will provide! I've also just started my once-every-two-years '30 bags in 30 days' project - it's basically clean out a drawer/ shelf/ very small space each day for a month, with the intention of chucking out/ giving to charity a bag of stuff each day. I've had great success with this in the past because it doesn't take up too much time.

  2. Marie Kondo's book is one of those I want to read but at the same time I don't know if I want to read it... If that makes sense. I think I'm going to see if the library has it when I do my next bout of reserves. I don't know what's putting me off exactly, especially seen as I've heard a lot positive feedback on it. Hmm... We shall see.

    Ahh... I hope you're at the end of the line with the sleeping issues and things get back to normal now. Lack of sleep is never fun, but especially so with a little one!

    I've been keeping myself organised with blog related stuff using an adapted version on the bullet journal system and am loving it! I say adapted, because there are a lot of principles I'm not implementing (such as all the symbols) but the general premise is still behind it. I love it! I'm not the most creative, but I do like to organised. You'll have to let us know how you get on once you start using your new planner system.

    When the other half comes home with chocolate, it makes the whole day right. Haha!

    Reading With Jade

  3. Ah the days of sleeping babies...long gone for me. Now he's 7 and wants to stay up all the time. Otis nice though when we have an early bedtime night every now and then. Enjoy the quiet time!!