Monday, January 18, 2016

Ten Books Iʻve Recently Added to my TBR

Happy Tuesday, Friends! Iʻm linking up with the Broke and the Bookish today for Top 10 Tuesday1

Top 10 Books Iʻve Recently Added to my TBR


1. The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury --  An Aladdin retelling in which the genie is a girl and they fall in love? Uhm...yes please!

2. The Cage by Megan Shepherd -- I literally just added this book to my list after reading Laurenʻs review on the Broke and the Bookish. And holy CRAP does this book sound amazing. I definitely think that this will move up a few spots to number 1 on my list.

3. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken -- This book has definitely been on my radar for a while but I havenʻt really had the desire to read it until recently. Iʻve heard amazing things about it and Iʻm planning on picking it up this weekend.


4. Never Ever by Sara Saedi -- PETER PAN RETELLING ALERT! Fact: I will always read Peter Pan retellings. I love love love Peter Pan--itʻs probably my favorite childhood story. And I do not pass up the opportunity to read a Peter Pan retelling. Even if I donʻt like it (lookinʻ at you Second Star), I will read it. So yeah. thatʻs it.

5. Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell -- See above. Also, pirates.

6. This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp -- This has also been on my radar for a while, but I know that this is one of those super intense books that Iʻll need a lot of time to process, so Iʻm holding off on reading it until itʻs the right time.


7. The Siren by Kiera Cass -- Not only is Kiera Cass an auto-buy author for me, but this book sounds so beautiful. I canʻt wait to read it!

8. Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan -- Speaking of gorgeous books, have you read the synopsis to this one? If this book is as beautiful as that cover, Iʻm sure that I will adore it.

9. The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright -- After reading about Princess Miaʻs royal wedding and The Royal We last year, Iʻve been on a bit of a ʻroyalsʻ kick, so of course this one is an auto-add! 

10. My Dog Is the Best by Laurie Ann Thompson, Illustrated by Paul Schmid -- I just had to add a book thatʻs on my kidʻs TBR list. This book looks so cute and itʻll be perfect for my baby...who loves her dog!

What books have you recently added to your TBR? If youʻre stopping by from the Broke and Bookish, let me know in the comments! 


  1. I just bought This Is Where It Ends for my Kindle today! I'm excited to read it. The Heir and The Spare was super cute, so I hope you get to read it soon. I have also seen Passenger all over the place. I think I really need to add it to my TBR. My TTT

  2. These look so good! I read the sneak peak of Forbidden Wish that was on NetGalley and I'm just so needing more. I have Passenger, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Hopefully soon. Great list!

    Christina @ Books & Prejudice

  3. Passenger, Unhooked, Sword and Verse, and The Heir and the Spare are all on my tbr, too! Great picks. :)

    Check out my TTT and Music Monday.

  4. I'm reading Passenger right now! It's really good so far! I hope you enjoy it when you do get to it. I'm so excited for The Siren. Cass's books are always so much fun to read.

    Also, My Dog is the Best looks adorable. I might have to find that one for my son!!

    Alexis @ Stay at Home Reader

  5. I loved This Is Where It Ends. I hope you like it too. It is an intense read, so I can understand why you're holding back.

  6. Whoa! You have got an amazingly interesting TBR. I have added almost all the books to mine :D Hope you enjoy all the books!

    My TTT

    Happy Reading!

  7. I have Passenger and The Heir and The Spare on my goodreads tbr, I like The Siren!! Nice books!!

  8. Passenger is a wonderful read. I just finished it last month. I also have The Forbidden Wish on my TBR list. The Siren and Unhooked sound interesting too. Love your TTT for the week.

  9. I just started Passenger, and its interesting so far- it really throws you right into the story!

  10. "Unhooked" and "Never Ever" have been on a few of my lists in the past! They look so fantastic! Lovely list. Very much hope you get to read every single one of these!

    Auggie's TTT

  11. I really enjoyed Passenger and hope you love it! Also have Unhooked on my list as well, it looks pretty awesome!

  12. Sword and Verse was on my list this week too!
    My TTT: