Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday Brain Dump (of sorts)

I was going to do a ʻCurrently...ʻ post today but Iʻm just not in the mood. So hereʻs a brain dump instead! Because I do feel bad about not being around over the past few days...itʻs because I havenʻt been in a good mood. So yep.

Sorry about the swearing. But that is TOTALLY my mood right now. This mood is definitely because Iʻm PMSing, UGH. Also, TMI...I know. I definitely did not miss this when I was pregnant. Those 12 months of no period was heavenly.

That is why Iʻm dying for just a moment or two alone. I would love to be able to take a nice warm bath without Honey screaming her head off. I love my kid so much and I love being able to stay at home with her and spend so much time with her, but when Iʻm in moods like this I definitely need to be alone. 

Hopefully, Iʻll get just an hour to bathe, wash my hair, and shave my legs today since itʻs Joshʻs day off. Iʻm not sure though, because Little Miss has been extremely picky about who she spends her time with lately. She currently prefers her Momma and can barely spend 20 minutes with her dad without crying.

I hope that phase ends soon.

Ok...Iʻm done for now. 

Iʻll be back tomorrow for Bookish Thoughts!


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