Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Itʻs my birthday! Woooo! I am officially 26 years old today...what?! I swear I was just 16. 10 years could not have passed between then and now...itʻs just not possible. is.

25 has been freaking AMAZING. I had my daughter. I am living my dream of being a stay at home mom. Itʻs been great.

But I canʻt wait to see what 26 will bring!

^^TRUTH. But not shipping & handling to Hawaii, cause that costs an arm and a leg.

Anyway...I just wanted to stop by the blog and let yʻall know that this week is BIRTHDAY WEEK on the blog. That means that nearly every post this week will be birthday themed. Iʻve done this birthday tradition in all the blogs Iʻve ever owned, so of course I need to carry on with this one!

This post, though, will be all birthday memes all the enjoy!

(Oh...and I am totally breaking my Facebook ban just for the day. Gotta be polite and tell people Thank You for the birthday wishes, right?)

Basically what I will be doing all day today, lol.

We continued the birthday tradition we started last year and went to the Makahiki Buffet at Aulani (the Disney resort) for my birthday. Last year we went for breakfast, but this year we went for dinner. So yummy! And the kiddo enjoyed it, too!

Today Iʻm planning on chilling in bed, reading a book, and then taking a nice, relaxing bath. Daddy will be hanging out with the little Miss so that I can have some time to just relax. 

But, alas, I am getting old and Iʻm already tired (and itʻs only 8:30pm here...haha), so Iʻll be heading off to dream land soon.

What are your favorite birthday traditions? What has been your best age yet?


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