Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Currently 006

Wow...getting back into the hang of blogging is hard. Not that I have other things to do...but still. Thankfully, these types of memes help me out a lot. Anyway....hereʻs what Iʻve been up to...


Watching... Parks and Recreation. You know that show you go to all the time? Itʻs just your show. Defines your life. All that good stuff. I have two--The Office and Parks & Rec. I donʻt even know how many times Iʻve watched this show in itʻs entirety. I freaking love this show. Leslie Knope is serious goals. If Honey grows up to be like Leslie Knope, I will be satisfied.

 The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan. To be honest, I havenʻt read in a few days because of our stay-cation, but Iʻm hoping to have a few minutes after I finish up this blog post to read! So far, I am enjoying this book--Iʻve heard nothing but good things about it and it was nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award for Fiction!

Enjoying... my sweet girlʻs current sleeping routine. Lately, sheʻs been wanting to hold my hand every single time she falls asleep. Of course, that means that I have to be there whenever she falls asleep, which can be difficult when Momma wants alone time, but I wouldnʻt give those moments up for anything!

Anticipating... holiday party season! As of this weekend, holiday party season will be upon us starting with a birthday party for a great-aunt of mine. I am so excited for holiday parties! Especially since itʻs Honeyʻs first holiday season, I hope sheʻll be in good moods for the parties and that she enjoys spending time with our family.

Hoping... that I will be able to return to my high school this Friday to celebrate Founderʻs Day. Iʻll be posting more about what Founderʻs Day is and about our wonderful school founder, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, and the school that I attended on Friday. Going will depend on Little oneʻs mood and if I can get someone to go with me to help with the Miss. Attending Founderʻs Day will mean that I get to see old friends, teachers, and my dorm advisers again. And Little Honey will get to meet them, too! Letʻs hope that I can go!

Working On... setting up our Christmas tree, winter scene, and nativity set. And also finishing up wrapping Honeyʻs presents. No one ever told me how much work goes in to Christmas, haha.

What is going on with you currently?


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