Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Confessional

I was reading an old (old, old, old, old, like from 2010 old) blog of mine. It was interesting to see what 20-year-old Tasia was like, but what caught my attention more was all the link-ups that I participated in back then. There were so many! Like one or two for every single day of the week. I decided that Iʻm going to bring one of those old link-up prompts back because, well, I can. So here goes...

I confess....

...that I really like link-ups, especially ones with specific prompts or questions. Sometimes, itʻs hard to figure out what to talk about on the blog, so I liked that I had something to write/post about right in front of me. 

...that I totally watched Doc McStuffins long after Honey lost interest today. I like Doc, okay?!

me...except Iʻm not complaining, haha.

...I do let Honey watch shows/videos with me on my phone or computer from time to time. She likes shows like Doc McStuffins and Dancing With the Stars. Sheʻs not in front of a screen all day and I definitely spend a lot of time reading with her as well, so I donʻt see much of a problem.

...I am desperately needing/wanting a new computer. My poor MacBook Pro is making some weird noises and I donʻt like using it for long periods of time just in case. I definitely cannot afford a new MacBook right now (and if I could, I would use the $$$ on baby, not myself), but I think Iʻll have to start looking in to getting a new, cheap computer soon. Any suggestions?

...I have not written one word for NaNoWriMo since Sunday. Iʻm kinda just not into it but I really wish that I were! 

...I havenʻt read for myself today. I read to Honey quite a bit today, but I havenʻt read any of my own book today. That means that I should probably get off the computer and get some reading done before bed.

Happy Friday!


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