Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

01. I hadnʻt gotten around to sharing our Halloween costumes here on the blog yet, so there it is. We were Lilo, Stitch, and Liloʻs doll Scrump. I made all of our costumes (Joshʻs hat, my dress, babyʻs beanie). It has got to be my favorite Halloween costume of all time...mostly cause Honey is the CUTEST Scrump ever. 

02. Remember, remember the fifth of that stuck in anyone elseʻs head today or is that just me? I have the sudden urge to start a revolution. Iʻm not sure what Iʻm rebelling against, but letʻs do this.

03. Also, is anyone else freaking out about J.K. Rowlingʻs announcement that sheʻs working on another childrenʻs book? Honestly, Iʻm not a fan of Joʻs adult fiction stuff, but Iʻm 99.9% sure that I would love another childrenʻs book from the woman that gave us Harry Potter and subsequently changed my life.

04. Even though itʻs definitely good on my wallet, Iʻm kinda bummed that November is such a slow month for anticipated book releases (for me at least). 

05. I may have gone a bit overboard on the whole book buying thing last month though, so at least Iʻll have somewhat of a break this month since Iʻm not really looking forward to anything big this month!

06. I am, however, looking forward to Winter by Marissa Meyer and The Bassoon King: My Life in Art, Faith, and Idiocy by Rainn Wilson. I may also pick up After You by Jojo Moyes. I already have so much to read (but not too much...thereʻs no such thing as too much to read).

07. ^^^^ That will always be true about me. 

08. I made edible cookie dough today (eggless cookie dough) because Iʻve been craving that so much lately. It was good, but it somehow wasnʻt exactly what I wanted. Iʻm a little disappointed but eh. I guess that just means Iʻll have to try a new recipe next time. Anyone got good eggless cookie dough recipes?

09. Iʻm dying for cold weather to get here already! Itʻs still so ridiculously hot here and I am so over it. They say that this heat/dryness is going to last until possibly late December. Thatʻs not okay, weather. El Nino can go away now, thanks.

10. These Buzzfeed articles about life and music in the 2000s are making me feel nostalgic. Man, the early 2000s were definitely a different (dare I say better) time.

11. Iʻm super thankful that Josh has Wednesdays off. I enjoy hanging out with him and baby all day on Wednesdays without having to worry about things needing to be done, etc. Itʻs also nice having another person around to help take care of baby, especially since sheʻs going through a developmental leap and has been exceptionally grumpy lately. 

12. Iʻm currently getting ready to start Christmas shopping. This year, I want to buy more from small businesses, etsy shops, instagram shops, mom & pop stores, and direct sales consultants rather than going to the ʻbig businessesʻ. As a small business owner myself, I understand first hand how EVERY little cent helps support an actual family. If you have any suggestions that fit the criteria, leave me links to their shops/sites in the comments! I would love to check it out :D

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  1. Oh gosh, going through the Buzzfeed articles about 2005 made me feel old! Can't believe it was that long ago re: iPod Nano, poke wars on FB, Motorola Razr (never owned one but I remember thinking how slick it was), etc. xD

    I'm so ready for Christmas everything; I already drew up my lists of Christmas cards to send out, gifts to get, etc. =D

    - Lianne @