Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Reading... Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Iʻm actually trying to re-read the entire Lunar Chronicles before the next book in the series, Winter, comes out next week. The last time I read all the books at once was when Cress came out in February of 2014. Iʻm reading all 4 books currently out (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Fairest), as well as the short stories associated with the chronicles. If you havenʻt read these yet, I highly recommend them. You can check out The Lunar Chronicles on Goodreads, right here!

Wanting... chocolate. Or cookie dough. Such bad, bad cravings but I want them so bad! 

Resisting... buying more books on my Nook. I have soooo many books that I havenʻt read yet--not just on my Nook but on my bookshelves as well. I have an obsession with buying books. I wouldnʻt call it an unhealthy obsession because, hey, at least it isnʻt like drugs or alcohol or something. And I donʻt just buy them for myself! The Little Honey definitely gets the perks of having a bookworm momma. Still...weʻve both got tons of books that we havenʻt read yet and Iʻm trying really, really hard to make a dent in those before adding to our collection.

Planning... baby shower gifts for two of my coworkers. In the past year alone, 7 of 17 of the people who work at the preschool that I work at has become pregnant. Itʻs like a baby boom over there for real! Anyway, weʻre having a baby shower for 2 of them next week and I have no idea what to get. Both are baby boys so hand-me-downs from Lilia wonʻt work. I have a few ideas about what I want to do, but I donʻt really have the time to do them so weʻll see.
Feeling... a little annoyed that I forgot about the release of Peter Pan tsum tsums today. Ugh. If you know me, you would know that I love Peter Pan. Tinker Bell is my favorite Disney character. I set my alarm to remind me about the Peter Pan tsum tsums  as soon as I found out that they would be released, but it didnʻt go off. I only remembered after a friend of mine posted her Nana tsum tsum. Oh well....I can get them later.

Wishing... that my parents and brothers (and aunty, uncle, & cousins) could come home for Thanksgiving this year. My parents and brothers are trying to come down but itʻs still up in the air. Why is travel to/from Hawaii so friggen expensive?! Really...Hawaii in general is expensive, but thatʻs another story for another day.

Playing... Loop from the Google Play store. Itʻs also available on iOS but I donʻt have an iPhone soo....yeah. I just downloaded it today. Itʻs kinda relaxing...and very addicting.  

Thankful For... the fact that Honey sleeps through the night (hopefully I did not jinx myself) and that she takes pretty good naps during the day. That gives me time to get things done at night after she goes to sleep and, since we wake up early, I get a lot done in the morning and still have time for napping when she naps. Iʻm definitely blessed.

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  1. Girl I am craving cookie dough and chocolate like no other. Tough to resist for sure.

    I hope you can get together with family for Thanksgiving, sending you good vibes.

  2. You have such a cute blog! I love it! I am craving chocolate and cookie dough too. As a matter of fact, last night I gave in and ate some eggless chocolate chip cookie dough. Haha!


  3. I just posted some egg free cookies on my blog this week - the best part is that you can eat all the dough you want!!! :) We're bookworms at our house too...we own and ton and check out a ton at the library. I think we have over 40 books checked out right now! haha Nothing wrong with being obsessed with reading! Stopping by from the Currently link up! You should join us on Tuesdays for our Tuesday Talk link up (any post, every Tues at 8am EST)! Hope to see you there! -Jess, Sweet Little Ones

  4. Oh my gosh, I crave cookie dough all of the time. I keep a stash in the freezer for "emergencies" and it is so so good. You've reminded me I have a little bit left! ;)

    Thanks for linking up!