Tuesday, November 3, 2015

When I Grow Up....

Every kid has dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. It ranges from the ridiculous (dinosaur trainer, for example. Although that would be a cool job...maybe....have you seen Jurassic Park?!) to the realistic (doctors, police officers, firefighters, mail person, etc). I have always believed that you could do or be anything you wanted.

Todayʻs Top 10 is inspired by just that, the dreams of a kid..in this case, me. Also inspired by todayʻs NaBloPoMoʻs prompt.

10  5 Dream Jobs According to Little Tasia

01. Lawyer. Younger Tasia was very good at arguing and talking. I never ever shut up. And basically, thatʻs all I thought it took to be a lawyer. Also, I probably watched way too much Legally Blonde and Elle Woods was goals. Do I still want to be a lawyer now? No thank you. Iʻm much too timid to be a lawyer. And while I am still an excellent arguer (you can ask Josh...lol), I donʻt think Iʻd be a good lawyer.
02. Psychologist. Ok. Truth time. I was a total nerd. When I was in 7th/8th grade I spent a lot of my free time reading college psychology books. I was obsessed. I thought psychology was so interesting. I mean...the brain is so CRAZY right?! I was known as the ʻpsychologistʻ amongst my friends because I was the one who would sit and listen to everyoneʻs problems and give advice. I donʻt really want to be a psychologist anymore, but I still love the field. In fact, I was studying to be a Marriage and Family Counselor up until very recently.
03. Governor. See number 1. I wanted to be the governor for all the same reasons that I wanted to be a lawyer. I was (and still am) very opinionated about public issues. But I basically only talked to my family about what I thought the government should be doing. They were probably the only ones who would listen to me. Would I do this job now? Eh...maybe, maybe not. Thereʻs a lot more gray area in politics than little Tasia realized. And itʻs a lot harder, too.  Maybe in the future I will run for public office. Weʻll see!
04. Teacher. I LOVED playing school. I played school every chance that I got. I played school with my barbies. I played school with my friends. I played school with my cousins. I loved it so much. I loved going to school. I loved my teachers in school. SCHOOL!
05. Fire Helicopter Pilot. OK...this is the one that I was obsessed with. And itʻs also probably the weirdest one on my list. I live at the base of a mountain and it would constantly catch on fire during the summer just because itʻs so hot here. I thought that the helicopters that go to the ocean to get water to help put the fires out was the coolest thing ever. I wanted to pilot one of those helicopters. I didnʻt want to just be a fire fighter, I very specifically wanted to pilot the helicopter. But I also didnʻt want to be a regular helicopter pilot. It was fire helicopter or nothing. A few years ago, I finally seen one of those things up close getting water from a canal. IT WAS SO FRIGGEN COOL. I probably wouldnʻt do that job now because helicopters kinda freak me out (theyʻre too small, I would get claustrophobic), but itʻs still the coolest job.

5 Dream Jobs According to Current Tasia

01. Teacher. So, I actually did achieve my dream of becoming a teacher. Before baby was born, I was a preschool TA. Now that baby is here, I do some subbing when I can bear being away from her (itʻs not often). When things settle down, I also want to go back to school to earn a degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. I love teaching, I always have. I love being a teacher and I especially love that my role of ʻteacherʻ didnʻt end when I had a baby. 
02. Artist.  I donʻt have a specific art form. I just love art. And making things. Creating is such an amazing feeling. To make something beautiful from random things? WOW.  I love to paint, sew, knit, and write. I do try to work on doing these things at least once a week, but itʻs definitely hard with Little Honey. Still...artists are AMAZING.
03. Lactation Consultant. When Honey was born, we had a hard time latching. We seen 2 or 3 different Lactation Consultants and they were all so great! I loved them so much. They were so encouraging and passionate about what they did. I loved that. I am a breastfeeding advocate (well...I am a FEED YOUR BABY advocate however you decide, but breastfeeding was right for me) and I wish that everyone could see the many, many benefits of breastfeeding. I donʻt think that I could actually be a Lactation Consultant (too many science/nursing classes that I definitely could not handle), but I admire the people who do it and I wish I could. 
04. Childrenʻs Librarian. I donʻt really have a reason. I just love books. I think that all children should be read to all the time. I like reading. I like kids. It works. Haha.
05. SAH Mommy. DREAM JOB FOR REAL. Iʻve wanted to be a SAHM since I decided that I really wanted kids. I do stay at home with Honey most of the time and I hate when I have to sub and leave baby behind. I was seriously made to be a SAHM. Thereʻs nothing wrong with working outside of the home, itʻs just not for me. I do wish that I could just be a SAHM all the time and hopefully I will be in the very near future!

Those are my dream jobs. From both Mini Me and Big me. What are yours?


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