Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bookish/Not-so-Bookish Thoughts

Linking up with Christine

01. Throwing in a bit of a #TBT with that picture even though it isnʻt even Christmas yet (but it is Thursday) because a) I miss those girls and b) I miss that bow...and that outfit. Thatʻs from when I worked at Disney World back in 2013...that was our costume during Christmas parties! TAKE ME BACK.

02. Iʻm actually really tired so weʻll see how far I get with this whole thoughts thing because, honestly, Iʻm not thinking about much at all right now.

03. Currently, I am in a kinda weird reading mood type thing. I wouldnʻt call it a slump because itʻs not that I donʻt want to read...itʻs more that Iʻm taking much longer than usual to get through books and Iʻm a little annoyed by that. I am not a speed reader at all, but I do usually read a bit faster than what Iʻm reading right now. Might have something to do with a certain 3 month old taking up my time

04. Honey and I spend a lot of time reading together. Most of the time, Iʻll just read whatever I happen to be reading to her but last week, I read her books to her since Iʻve been cleaning out her bookshelves. That may have something to do with the weird mood Iʻve been in.

05. Today, we had a double baby shower at my job for two of my co-workers! Theyʻre both having/had baby boys. It was so much fun to hang out with each other outside of work (not that I work very often anyway lol) and to just enjoy each otherʻs company. And to celebrate the new additions to the ʻohana of course! Plus, Honey had lots of Aunties to play with and to carry her.

06. I have been speaking Hawaiian to Lilia when weʻre by ourselves during the day. I definitely should have started when she was born, but 3 months isnʻt too late at all! I really want her to speak some kind of language other than English and since Hawaiian is the language that I know, Hawaiian it will be!

Annnnd my brain is going to sleep now! So 6 is all the thoughts I have for today. Whatʻs on your mind?


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