Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Currently 003

Thankful for... each and every single veteran out there who fought for my freedom. One day a year to honor them is NOT enough. Thank you so much to those past, present, and future who have served our country!

Listening... to Josh sing weird gamer parodies of popular songs. He listens to those things a lot...especially Pokemon ones. They tend to get stuck in my head. Itʻs annoying...haha

Eating... Royal Dansk Danish butter cookies. Itʻs not the holiday season in my mind until Iʻve had these cookies. I donʻt really know why/when I started associating these cookies with the holidays. When I was younger and would go to my Tutuʻs house, we ate these year-round. I guess theyʻre more available at Christmas time so now holidays=butter cookies. Anyway, they were on sale at Wal Mart for 2 for $5. Thatʻs a steal. I needed them. P.S. I should start storing my sewing supplies in these when Iʻm done with the cookies!

Winning... at LIFE because Josh brought home 3 American girl dolls today that he got from a co-worker of his. technically theyʻre for the baby but you better believe that Iʻm going to play with those babies! Backstory: I got my very first American Girl doll last year. We didnʻt have an American Girl store growing up and ordering one meant paying ridiculously high prices to have it shipped out to Hawaii. So I made do with Barbies. However, I desperately wanted a Samantha doll. She was my favorite...I read all her books and I wanted a Samantha doll so bad. So when they opened a temporary AG doll store down here last year AND brought Samantha back, I knew that it was a sign and I had to have her. And now Samantha has friends! Thanks babe!

Reading... Cress by Marissa Meyer. I just need to finish this book before I move on to Winter, the last book in the Lunar Chronicles, which came out today. Happy Book Birthday, Winter!

Feeling.... Homesick for Disney World. I canʻt wait to take my little Miss to my home away from home next year! I just wish that next year would hurry and get here already!


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