Friday, November 13, 2015

2015 Holiday To-Do List

Is it just me or did 2015 go by in the blink of an eye? I swear it was just Thanksgiving 2014 where I had just found out that I was expecting and subsequently sick and nauseated the whole time. I was also sick straight through the New Year so 2014 Holiday season was not fun for me.

This year, Iʻm thankful that I wonʻt be sick through all of my favorite holidays. Mostly, though, Iʻm thankful that we get to celebrate these holidays with my sweet baby girl. I am determined to make her first holiday season amazing....even though she wonʻt remember any of it and will have to rely on pictures/our stories/journals to know what happened. Thatʻs why Iʻm making our 2015 holiday to-do list. I am so excited to create new traditions for our little family as well as carry on some of my favorite traditions from when I was a kid! Hereʻs our holiday to-do list so far.

1. Make Fall art with baby
2. Do ʻMy First Thanksgivingʻ pictures
3. Do Random Acts of Kindness
4. Make new gratitude lists
5. Give back to those who need it
6. Have a yummy Thanksgiving feast with those we love
7. Eat pumpkin crunch!
8. Do 25 books of Christmas (post coming soon)
9. Do Elf on the Shelf
10. Decorate a Christmas tree
11. Buy Honey her first Christmas ornament
12. Make cinnamon ornaments
13. Bake Christmas cookies for our neighbors
14. Make crock-pot hot chocolate
15. Watch favorite Christmas movies
16. Send out family Christmas cards
17. Purchase some toys for Toys-for-Tots or the Angel Tree
18. Watch a Nativity play
19. Make Christmas art with baby
20. Spend time TOGETHER with no distractions

Whatʻs on your holiday to-do list?


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