Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Break (Kinda)

Hey yʻall!!!

So, in case you  havenʻt noticed, I kinda took a mini hiatus last week. It was unintentional at first. Baby was sick (AGAIN...ugh) and, since we share germs around here, I got a bit of a cold too. And then Josh got sick. Since we were all feeling under the weather, I just didnʻt feel like writing in the blog during the first half of the week. I have no excuse for the second half except that my mood carried over and therefore there were no blog posts. Sorry!

That being said, I  think my little mini break will be carrying over in to the next few weeks.

Iʻve been in a bit of a blogging slump. Itʻs not a big deal because itʻs not like I neeeeeed to blog for monetary gain or anything. Iʻm sure that once things settle down a bit, Iʻll be back on my feet like itʻs nothinʻ!

But for now, Iʻll be taking a bit of a blogging break. Iʻll still be around on Tuesdays and Thursdays and possibly one other day during the week (depending on my mood). Other than that, though...I will be keeping a low profile on the interwebz.

Soo....see ya on Tuesday!


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