Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Five: 5 Bookish Things I Would Give A Kidney For

I am super excited to introduce Friday Five here on the blog! Itʻll be a weekly (hopefully) meme and Iʻm pretty excited about it. The topic will change week by week and will most likely depend on whatever Iʻm in the mood for. Let me know if yʻall would like to join along!

Did you know that it was World Kidney Day yesterday? One of Rachelʻs prompts for Get Up Offa That Slump is What Bookish Things Would You Give a Kidney for? in honor of world kidney day. I thought it would be fun to adapt it in to my new Friday Five concept! Sooo...letʻs gooo!

5 Bookish Things I Would Give a Kidney For

1. Belleʻs Library - Iʻm gonna be honest, Iʻll be very surprised if this doesnʻt make a few lists. I mean...letʻs take a moment to admire this thing:

What bookish person wouldnʻt want a library this gorgeous and comfy looking as this?! I could spend my entire life here and never get bored!

2. An endless supply of books for said library - By this I mean that every time a new book that I want is released, it would just be added to the library. I wouldnʻt have to trek to the book store to buy it, it would just be there.

3. A comprehensive Harry Potter Encyclopedia by JK Rowling - Ok, look, Iʻm glad that we have Pottermore and that the wizarding world of Harry Potter lives on on the interwebs but I donʻt like having to go online when I need some info about certain characters or events that happened in the wizarding world (I need this information more often than you would expect). I would much rather pull out a handy dandy encyclopedia of all things Harry Potter. My requests are simple...I just want intensive histories, backstories, and ʻwhat happened to them?ʻ anecdotes of every single character ever mentioned in the Harry Potter universe, also a full history of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, plus info about wizardry throughout the world. Really itʻs not much. Basically I want Pottermore in a print edition. OK, thanks.

4. Lunch (or dinner) with J.K. Rowling - You know what, Iʻll just pitch my Harry Potter encyclopedia idea/need to Jo over lunch or dinner (or breakfast...whatever...Iʻm not picky). Iʻve wanted to meet Jo for...who knows how long?! While Iʻve been a reader my whole life, Harry Potter was the series that took my love for reading over the top. I would love to thank her for that and I would definitely give a kidney to meet her.

5. THE idea - Iʻm sure you writers know what I mean when I say THE idea, but Iʻll clarify for those who may not. The idea is that one idea for a book that absolutely captures you and you write it and it becomes published and itʻs loved and it basically puts you in the league with all your favorite authors. Iʻve wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember, but THE idea just hasnʻt hit me yet.

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What bookish (or non-bookish) things would you give a kidney for?


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