Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Happy March! Spring is just around the corner & I can feel it in the air. I canʻt wait for all the fun things coming up this month, but right now letʻs focus on the here and now. I am linking up with Anne and Jenna for Currently...

Wishing... that my baby could stay a baby foreverrrrrrr. Sheʻs recently learned how to pull herself up into a standing position and how to sit up from lying down. She isnʻt quite crawling yet (mostly because she hates being on her knees), but Iʻm sure sheʻll get there soon. And if not, sheʻll be walking before I know it! No thank you. I want my baby forever. #momproblems #nowIknowwhattheymean #brbneverlandbound

Craving... SUSHI. Oh my gooossssshhh....I want sushi so bad. Iʻm planning on getting some today, so hopefully that works out. If not, Iʻll probably cry...haha. #ineedsushi #sushibae 

Going... to visit my old co-workers and I am so excited! Even though I decided to quit so that I could focus on being a Mommy full-time, I really enjoyed that job and (especially) my co-worker. Teaching pre-school was the best and Iʻll go back when Honey is able to go to school, too! Mostly, Iʻm looking forward to seeing actual adults in the real world. #teachermama #missadultlife #bestcoworkerseva

the bridesmaids dress that I finally picked out for my best friendʻs wedding! Wellll...Iʻm not actually wearing it right now, mostly because it needs to be ordered but I finally decided on one! I canʻt wait for it to come in! #slackerbridesmaid #isaidyestothedress

Learning... how to crochet! Iʻm pretty bad at it...haha...but Iʻm getting better and thatʻs what matters right?! #rightmaybe #crochetlife #craftymama

Hope everyone is having an amazing week! 


  1. Ahhh, I've been craving sushi as well! So delish. Have you heard of the new sushi burritos? Yea, it's a real thing!

    Thanks for linking up!