Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

Itʻs Thursday and you know what that means...Iʻll be linking up with Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous and sharing some bookish and non-bookish thoughts.

1. Kiera Cass, author of The Selection series and The Siren (which was released on January 26) aka one of my favorite authors of all time re-tweeted a picture of my kid. So basically, my kid is now twitter famous! But seriously, I was so excited when she RTʻed the picture of Honey checking out The Siren, I may have jumped up and down squealing for joy while said kid looked at me like I was crazy.

2. News flash, kid: Your mother is definitely crazy. And a fangirl. So, sorry Iʻm not sorry.

3. I am currently reading two books, which is very much unlike me but I had to go with two just for now. I first started reading Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor but it was making me dream weird dreams so I also had to pick up Nanny Returns by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus to help balance everything out. Welcome to Night Vale is about a strange town in the dessert called Night Vale where weird things happen all the time. Nanny Returns is the sequel to The Nanny Diaries, which I read a few weeks ago and NEEDED resolution from, so hereʻs my resolution :D

4. So did you guys see that thing about the old Pottermore test possibly being wrong due to the need to keep houses equal for the house cup on the old Pottermore website? Itʻs probably old news but I just heard about it and promptly freaked out because WHO AM I IF I AM NOT A HUFFLEPUFF?! I retook the new and improved quiz, fully prepared to cry, but that wasnʻt necessary. I am definitely a Hufflepuff.

5. At 5 this morning, some woman was outside on the street screaming in front of the house of one of my neighbors. Since our bedroom window faces the street, we heard everything. Apparently, the womanʻs girlfriend was inside the house cheating on her with the lady that lives there. So she was screaming and hitting a car with a 5 this morning. I mean..REALLY?! Honey was already half awake but I was trying to nurse her back to sleep and that definitely did not help. Next time someone wakes up my kid, THEY are going to be the ones to put her back to sleep. J.K. I donʻt want those crazies in my house.

6. But seriously people, donʻt cheat. Donʻt cheat on your partners. Donʻt cheat on your homework. Donʻt cheat during games. Just donʻt cheat. Cheating gets you nowhere and it only ends up hurting you and/or the people you love.

7. How do you decide what youʻre going to read next? I had a TBR jar once upon a time but I epically failed at using it. If I didnʻt like the book that I picked, I would keep picking until I got one that I wanted (see, cheating is bad). I am more of an emotional reader and normally Iʻll just go with whatever I feel like reading depending on my mood.

8. I feel like all of my most anticipated 2015 reads are coming out this month. Which basically means that I will have no money for anything. lol...Oops!

9. Was that ecard made by my child?! Haha...just kidding, herʻs would say that sheʻs tired, too. My kid is the queen of fighting her sleep. Itʻs almost like she hates missing out on things...not that sheʻll miss much cause Iʻm not very interesting when sheʻs sleeping. Anyway, in addition to waking up at 5am, she also took only 3 naps today that lasted 30 minutes each...maybe. So yeah, Iʻm tired.

10. We have been trying so, so, so hard to get her on a routine with sleeping. Look, I donʻt care if sheʻs awake 2 or 3 times a night to nurse...we mostly dream feed anyway. I donʻt care if sheʻs not sleeping through the night right now. I just want her to get the sleep that she needs instead of spending the whole evening being grumpy. I know itʻll take some time, but Iʻm hoping this whole routine thing works.

11. Iʻm pretty sure that only moms get excited when a kid poops. TMI? Sorry! Haha. But seriously, my kid hasnʻt popped in a day or so and Iʻm getting a little worried. Plus an overtired kid who is also constipated is not my favorite thing.

12. I havenʻt finished one book at all this week and Iʻm feeling a little guilty. Iʻm feeling a bit of a reading slump coming along, but Iʻm gonna treat this like a cold and just push through it and keep reading. Iʻll make it out alive...hopefully.

Whatʻs going on with you all? Do you have any crazy neighbor (or just crazy people in general) stories you wanna share? Iʻd love to hear ʻem...mostly because I want to feel like Iʻm not alone with the crazies, haha.


  1. We all have crazy people in our lives...some more than others. Ugh!

  2. It's always really cool when an author retweets something from you xD Aww that your kid is now famous!

    I love the idea of a TBR jar but I'm much more of a mood reader so yeah, I just go by what mood I'm in right now to select a book off my TBR list (thank goodness my TBR pile has a variety of genres otherwise I'd be in a bit of trouble right now *is on a book-buying ban atm* :)

  3. 7. I choose my next book on whim, slightly guided by reading challenges if I haven't done much toward them lately. This year I'm doing a TBR stack challenge so basically every book qualifies :-)

    10. It will happen eventually...

    11. I understand :-|

    12. Slumps suck. I usually re-read an old favourite if I'm in a slump (and it's usually Gatsby).

  4. You baby is way too cute!

    I just go with whatever I feel like, honestly, when it comes to deciding what to read. Sometimes I'll pick a few and read the first page or so and just go with my gut.