Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 Love-A-Thon || BINGO!

The Challenge: See how many BINGO squares you can cross off of our official Love-A-Thon bingo card! Weʻll be giving you various tasks to tackle during the Love-A-Thon and challenging you to make them all happen before the event is over.

Completed Tasks || 6/9
Visit 5 New Blogs
Find 3 New Instagram Accounts (and Follow)
Join one of the Loveathon Twitter Chats
  • Participated in Chat #4......and fell asleep like halfway through, oops! 
Participate in one other Challenge

Leave a Comment on Some of Your Favorite Blogs

Color Hunt: Find a Blog with a Purple, Blue, and Pink Design
  • Pink: Books with Lucy {i love the pink & grey design in her header...gorgeous!}
  • Blue: Creative Therapy {this header is soooo pretty. is header envy a think? cause i have that}
  • Purple: The Hardcover Lover {the mix of purple and pretty!}

Works In Progress || 3/9

Tweet 3 of your Favorite Authors

Watch 3 videos from New YouTubers (and Follow)

Dedicate a blog post to talk about some of your favorite Blogs, YouTube, and Instagram Accounts


  1. I'm so glad you got to join in on this challenge! I see you checked out Bookmark Lit, and I love that. Lauren is one of my favorite bloggers!