Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Survey

I had been planning a blog post for today but since my Little Miss hasnʻt been sleeping which means that I havenʻt been sleeping and I just do not have the energy to finish up the post that I was writing tonight. Soooo in itʻs place Iʻm doing a Christmas survey type thing! And I hope that Iʻll get some sleep tonight so that I can finish that post later.

Favorite Christmas song & why: C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S by Jim Reeves. I love it because my grandpa use to sing it all the time around the holidays and itʻs a beautiful reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.
Favorite Christmas movie & why: Iʻm gonna be super cliche and say Love, Actually. I donʻt have a real reason...I just think itʻs a sweet movie!
Hot chocolate or apple cider?: Hot chocolate...I am not a fan of apple flavored things.
Does your family have any traditions?: We go to my Uncleʻs house on Christmas Eve every year for saimin (ramen...but the real, asian kind...not the college-student-on-a-budget kind) and desserts.
Favorite Christmas memory?: Going to my Tutuʻs house for Christmas dinner with my whole extended family...we donʻt do it anymore, since she passed away, but those are some of my best Christmas memories.
Who is your favorite reindeer?: Rudolph, duh.
Have you been naughty or nice this year?: lol...Nice! I hope!
What is your favorite food at Christmas time?: Cookies? Haha...actually, I like cookies all year round. I donʻt know if I have a favorite Christmas specific food.
What are you doing for Christmas this year?: Watching my daughter open Christmas presents in the morning then going to my Auntyʻs house for Christmas dinner with her family.
Kissing under the mistletoe...have you done it?: Iʻve never even seen no.
Have you ever had a white Christmas? Do you ever want to have a Christmas with snow or vice versa?: Nope, I have never had a white Christmas....but I live in Hawaii so thatʻs understandable. One day, I would love to have a white Christmas, but weʻll see.
How many Christmas cards do you usually send out?: Haha...I donʻt really do Christmas cards..maybe Iʻll do a family one next year.
Have you started Christmas stocking yet?: Nope. I couldnʻt find stockings that I liked, so no stockings this year.
When did you find out Santa wasnʻt real?: When I started recognizing my grandmaʻs handwriting...but for the record, Santa totally is real.
Have you ever been to a Christmas parade?: Yep, my town has one every year and I watched the Disney World Christmas parade--both the party parade and the taped parade!
Which lights are better: white or colored/blinking or still?: Depends...but I lean toward colored, blinking lights.
If you were an elf, what would your name be?: According to this meme--Sprinkles Twinkle Toes

What color ornaments do you put on your tree?: We donʻt have a color scheme, our tree is a mix of Disney ornaments and ornaments from when I was a kid and even back to when my mom was a kid!
What kind of tree do you have: fake or real?: Fake. Meh.
Do you hang a wreath up?: Nope..maybe when we move.
Ham or Turkey?: Turkey.
Do you go to a church service or go caroling?: I donʻt go caroling...and we donʻt have church on Christmas day.
Does your family have Christmas breakfast or dinner?: Dinner is the tradition!


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