Monday, December 14, 2015


After a bit of a hiatus to vacation with family, we are back in action here on the blog!

I will be back to writing normal posts starting tomorrow (Tuesday) since it is currently Sunday night and we just got home from our little staycation and I am exhausted beyond belief. So tired that, even though I realize that was a run on sentence, I canʻt bring myself to care. Seriously, I even called a taco a ʻhot dogʻ today. So thereʻs that!

Hereʻs what weʻve been up to lately:


We had our family staycation at Disney Aulani! I love it there! And I canʻt wait to share more of it with you all.

For now, though, Iʻve got to go put a certain Little Miss to bed. And then I have to put myself to bed.

See yʻall tomorrow!


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