Monday, November 9, 2015

Usborne Books

I am an avid reader and I always have been. I was the kid who preferred staying in and reading to playing outside with the other kids. I was the nerd who actually liked doing workbooks on top of actual homework. I knew for a long time that my kid(s) would be raised readers, too.

Reading to kids is so, so important! Not only does reading help your child learn, but it also allows you to bond with your child. We could talk all day about the scientific reasons why you should read with your kid every day.

Iʻve been reading to Honey every single day since before she was born. Before she was born, I worked at a preschool and I spent a lot of time reading to the kids each day, so of course she would listen. Now, we put aside 15 minutes in the evening for a bedtime story as well as a few minutes here and there during the day to read. I also read whatever book Iʻm currently reading to her as well. I love having that time to bond with her.

When I first heard about Usborne Books and More, I fell in love. Usborne is a publishing company that was founded by Peter Usborne in the 1970ʻs. They are based in the U.K., but stateside they are a direct sales book company! I had a few Usborne books and I decided to join the sales side just for the 25% discount on books. And boy am I glad that I did!

Usborne has over 2000 fiction and non-fiction titles for kids of every age. Many homeschoolers use Usborne books as part of their curriculum. Theyʻve got activity books, chapter books, touchy-feely books...really, anything you could think of!

Baby Girl loves the ʻThatʻs Not My....ʻ series. The illustrations are so bright and colorful that it keeps her attention. She doesnʻt quite understand the touchy-feely part of it yet, but sheʻs only 3 months...sheʻll get there eventually. Our favorite is ʻThatʻs Not My Mermaid.ʻ

The best thing about these books are that theyʻre dang cheap! Over 60% of them are less than $10. Not only is baby getting a bunch of Usborne books this Christmas, but my nieces are, too!

The Usborne Color by Numbers Book is my personal favorite. I loved color by numbers books as a kid and itʻs no different now! Itʻs so relaxing to just get out my markers and color at the end of the day after baby is asleep.

I honestly could talk about Usborne Books and More all day. Weʻve got sticker books, young adult books, coloring books, write and erase books, SO MANY BOOKS! It really would take all day to talk about it, haha. Instead, you can go check them out for yourself right here!

Have you ever heard of Usborne Books? Do you own any of ʻem? Whatʻs your favorite thing to read with your kid? 


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